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Kinds of Bamboo Plants

Bamboo plants have been a part of Asian culture for over 4,000 years, serving as a symbol of good fortune, according

How to Plant a Bamboo Plant

Overview Bamboo is a type of grass that grows at an incredible speed in the right conditions. It looks lovely and adds an Asian design flair to any garden. Many varieties of bamboo are available in co

How to Eliminate Bamboo Plants

Overview Bamboo plants are members of the true grass family. They are evergreen perennials. Bamboo is extremely hardy and spreads quickly, in part because the plant relies on underground rhizomes to e

How to Divide Bamboo Plants

Overview Bamboo is a type of grass that adds an Asian vibe to any garden. While bamboo can be expensive, it also is a great barrier plant that can provide a lot of privacy. If your bamboo is outgrowin

How to Plant Bamboo Shoots

Overview Technically, bamboo plants are grasses and are often referred to as the fastest growing plant on the planet. According to Auburn University, timber bamboo can grow as tall as 55 feet in as li

Growing Bamboo From Cuttings

Overview Growing bamboo inside or outside the home can add an ornamental accent to your interior or exterior design. Bamboo has many uses. It can be cut and made into furniture, shade your house and e

Growing Bamboo in Indiana

Overview Although commonly associated with Asia, bamboo is a tall woody grass that is native to many parts of the world. Bamboo can be as short as 12 to 18 inches or as tall as 40 to 60 feet. Selectin

Bamboo Potted Plant

Overview B

How to Plant White Bamboo

Overview White bamboo gets its name because its new shoots are covered in powder that looks white. Varieties include Bambusa chungii, Otatea glauca and Dendrocalamus minor. White bamboo grows up to 30

How to Grow Japanese Bamboo Plants

Overview Japanese bamboo is not a true bamboo plant but an herbacious perennial that bears a striking resemblance, owing to its raised nodes and long, hollow stem. Also known as Japanese knotweed or M

Bamboo Type Plants Found in Ohio

A bamboo plant can serve as an attractive addition to your yard or garden area. Its height and density of growth als

How to Cut Bamboo to Root

Overview Bamboo adds interest to a yard and is often planted near property lines because it grows fast and thick, providing good privacy in a quick amount of time. Bamboo is also used to make many thi

Bamboo Pole Ideas for Gardens

Bamboo is a grass that, like other members of its family, is fast growing--making it an environmentally friendly and

Bamboo Plant FAQ

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