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The Best Plants for the Desert

Even in the desert, a wide variety of plants can thrive. Whether you choose wildflowers, cacti, succulents or an art

Information on the Scarlet Wisteria Tree

Overview Scarlet wisteria is a large, deciduous shrub or small tree that is native to South America. It is also known as red sesbania, black acacia or rattlebox,

How to Prune a Mimosa Tree

Overview Mimosa, or silk tree or silky acacia, was introduced to the Americas in the 1700s and now thrives in the zones 6 to 9. Where winters are mild, little pruning is needed for this vigorous and i

How to Prune a Silk Tree

Overview Silk trees are also called mimosa trees or silky acacia. They are a favorite among gardeners because of their beautiful hot pink flowers and hardiness. They grow in full sun to light shade, c

How to Prune Mimosa Trees

Overview Mimosa trees are also called silk trees or silky acacia. They look as if they belong in a tropical environment but are actually quite hardy. They grow to a height of 25 feet and sport hot-pin

How to Propagate Silk Tree Seeds

Overview Silk tree trees, also know by their scientific name, Albizia julibrissin, are elegant additions to a garden. Often grown near homes as ornamentals, the tree canopy provides a light and breezy

What Kind of Plants Are Able to Live in the Desert?

You may wonder how any type of plant could possibly grow in the harsh environment of a desert, but many do. Survivin

How to Prune an Acacia Salicina

Overview Acacia salicina, also known as Willowleaf Acacia, is part of the Acacia family native to Australia. The trees are hardy down to 22 degrees F, which means they dont do well in areas with very

What to Plant Around Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are a great addition to a backyard or front yard garden. The spring blossoms are as colorful as the frui

Plants That Will Grow in Hot Rocky Soil

While many plants thrive in rich, loamy soil, some actually prefer something a little more barren, like hot, rocky s

How to Prune a New Japanese Silk Tree

Overview New Japanese silk trees, also known as silky acacia or mimosa trees, look like they belong in a tropical setting, but are actually hardy and can survive in most soil types. At maturity, they

Arizona Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Temperature, water and altitude influence an Arizona homeowners backyard landscape design and plant selection. The S

How to Propagate Texas Ebony Trees

Overview The Texas ebony tree (Pithecellobium flexicaule) is an evergreen native to Texas and northern Mexico belonging in the family Leguminsae. Texas ebony trees are also known as Mexican ebony and

What Plants Grow in the Desert Biome?

The plants adapted to the desert biome have had to adjust to extremes in temperature and in water availability. Bota

Specific Examples of Sahara Desert Plants

The Sahara Desert in Africa is the worlds largest hot desert. The Sahara is characterized by daytime temperatures th

How to Prune Mimosa Acacia Dealbata

Overview Little if any pruning is needed for the mature mimosa Acacia dealbata beyond its fifth year, other than possibly tidying up a stray stem here or there. Youll want to routinely remove dead, da

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