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Coffee Plant

2016/8/4 15:00:48

Coffee Plant


The Coffee Plant or c.arabica originated in the Arabian Peninsula and the mountains of Yemen. It's also found in the highlands of Ethiopia and southeastern Sudan. For all you coffee lovers, c.arabica is the first type of coffee plant that was cultivated, and has been grown in Arabia for more than 1000 years. It has shiny dark green crinkled leaves with ruffled edges. Although this plant can grow as tall as 15ft. in nature, indoors, with proper pruning, it can be a very attractive houseplant. Don't expect to start picking beans for your morning coffee any time soon, it takes several years before the plant produces fruit that contains a few seeds or beans that can be roasted and ground into coffee.

These plants are considered poisonous and should be kept away from pets and children. Read more about common houseplants that are poisonous in Don’t Feed Me To Your Cat! A Guide to Poisonous Houseplants

White flowers on Coffee Plant.

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