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Keeping Your Trees Maintained

2016/8/9 9:12:55
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American homes are well-known for their lawns. Spring and summer are the time that tree owners need their trees maintained, so the new growth does not cause any damage to the backyard or the home's foundation. Like most, you also pick up the saw and do the chopping yourself or tell your lads (teenagers of course) to do the tree trimming chores. But, as is with all works, getting this job done by your local tree service is much safer.

If you have a backyard with trees then there are some facts you should be aware of like pruning, crown thinning, v-shaped unions, and crown raising and stump removal.

Pruning: Pruning the tree down is crucial, especially for safety. If the branches are hanging over the house and blocking the visibility near the intersections and streets or the dead branches Pruning should be done in the right technique as this strengthens the roots.

Pruning when dormant: Is the process of shortening the side-branches to the tree looks much attractive. This will reduce the trees vulnerability to wind damage as well. To get the desired result, you should evaluate and work slowly before you remove any branch.

An overall trim: This should be done only for small formal trees, mainly the evergreens. This should be done every year or so. Getting a long-handle hedge trimmer will save the labor-saving option.

Crown thinning: This process allows the light from entering as you remove some of the dead branches. Again this process spoils the looks of the tree, so evaluate and then work.

Tree Service

Planning on hiring a tree service, then you should know before hiring anyone make sure you know what your requirement is-removal or trimming. Make sure they handle those old limbs and hanging branches. Before you call a service over compare all the available tree services around you and select. Make sure the company is qualified in the job, and they have adequate experience.

Stump Removal

In front of stump removal, cutting down the tree will be a much better option. In fact, most of the tree removal services charge extra if you want the stump removed. The cost is also the reason behind stumps being in most of the backyards. With the right technique, this will be done in no time.

Reasons for stump removal can be anything. For example, they do not look appealing in the backyard or because the stumps are taking valuable place in the backyard or if the stump is cut right to the ground and weeds have grown around it can be dangerous.

To get the stumps removed you can follow these techniques: hand-digging, stump grinding, backhoe, chemical removal or fire.

Removal of stumps has a lot of advantages as well like:

• Valuable space taken by the stump is free

• Hidden stumps will not cause any injury to you or your family

• The stump will not damage the foundation of your house

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