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Southern January Care For Your Roses

Rose planting can be started in the southern part of the south during the last half of the month. If you have not ordered you should do so soon, as newer varieties are usually in scarce quantity by now. The old favorite

Beautiful Roses Needs Proper Care And Conditions

If you like roses, you can use them for both function and beauty to enhance your grounds. You can use roses as creepers, hedges, climbers or vines or just simply to add a splash of color to your flower beds. The inv

Take Care Of Your Roses

Roses are very beautiful flowers loved by many people across the world, the rose has always been a symbol of love and affection.With the sweet smell and the beautiful flowers these plants produce it is quite impossible

The Different Roses You Can Grow In Your Rose Garden

There are actually many kinds of roses, with each one different from the other. If you are planning to grow your own roses and plant your very own rose garden, what type of rose do you think you should have? The Flori

Caring For Knockout Roses

Knockout roses, introduced in 1999, are known for their exceptional resistance to disease and ability to withstand a wide variety of conditions. As such, they require little attention from the gardener in order to produ

Floribunda Roses

Floribundas are available in a vast array of colours and styles and can grow as high as 4 feet. They are often grown for display rather than as a cut flower. Planted as an elegant landscape bush, they can produce abunda

About Rose Gardening Print This ArticlePost CommentAdd To FavoritesEmail to FriendsEzine ReadyAbout Rose GardeningBy: R BirchHome

Roses are perhaps the most commonly grown and most beloved plants in the world. Though they have the reputation for being difficult to grow and maintain, the opposite is true. Roses are easy to grow, hardy, and are suit

5 Tips For Planting Roses

When spring is on its way and the ground is soft, it is the perfect time for planting roses. Roses have been a very popular bloom over the years, not only do they look good, but they smell wonderful too. However, plan

How To Grow Other Flowers Among Roses

Although this is not a practice I should recommend in a general way, it must be realized that in many gardens it is a problem to find room for all the plants one would wish to grow, and it usually means that some plants

Essential Rose Gardening Tips

Learn from others: �Apart from reading valuable articles like this on the internet, a great way to learn more about rose gardening is to join a rose society. If you do this you’ll have access to heaps of knowledge and

Easy Tips To Grow Roses

If you are planning to design a garden for your home, you definitely cant think of one without roses at all. Roses in your garden offer a dual advantage. On 1 hand they help add perfume to your garden. On the contrary t

Keep Your Roses From Pest With Spring Pruning

All plants have pests. Roses have their share of enemies but you can control them, and get five or six months of bloom, with no more time than that required to keep irises or chrysanthemums healthy for five or six weeks

When Should You Prune Your Roses

As with many other aspects of pruning, deciding when the best time to prune is can be confusing for many people. Though the general rule of thumb is to prune in spring, the best time can vary a bit from climate zone to

Planting Your Roses

Dig the holes, laying some potting soil in the bottom. You may need some strong sticks and twine to support straying shoots. Leave the unpacking of the rose trees until you are ready to plant your roses. The air must no

Organic Rose Fertilizer: 2 magic Ingredients You Should Include!

Many years ago, a friend of my grandmothers gave me some advice concerning the planting of rose bushes. Her advice concluded with a simple post-script, and dont forget to put a banana peel and a used tea-bag in the hole

Landscaping With Roses

The use of roses in a landscaping project will make the process all the more enjoyable. You will also achieve great looking results given the choice of shapes and colors roses offer your design palette. Landscaping Wit

Caring For Long Stem Roses

Long stem roses are widely considered to be the most popular roses for all occasions. What many people think of as classic long stem roses are in fact Hybrid Tea Roses. A mixture between the Hybrid Perpetual and Tea Ros

The Elegance Of Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid Tea Rose is one of the most modern varieties of roses. It is a cross breed between two old classics the Hybrid Perpetual and the Tea Rose. You can see them on tall stems and they bloom throughout the year one g

The Most Popular Roses For Growers

As any rose gardener will tell you, there is nothing in the world more addicting than tending to these plants. Roses are the most popular flower in the world, and they offer a great option for any landscaping scheme, as

Choosing And Planting Roses In Your Garden

If you enjoy roses, you can use them functionally as well as decoratively around your grounds as creepers, shrubs, vines, climbers, and hedges or just as beds of pure colour. Rose originators are enthusiastic and tir

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