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Help Unloading Deliveries

2016/8/15 16:13:38

We have 3 very large deliveries coming this Friday (5/22) that we need assistance with.  Any time that you can donate on Friday would be valuable.  Just show up between 10am and 6pm. We are receiving 57 (yes 57) rainbarrels from Riverkeepers.  This is a lot of rainbarrels for our staff to deal with so we really need some extra  hands to help unload them from the truck and put them into the yard.

We are also receiving a large order of product about the same time that the rainbarrels are expected. Finally, all the heirloom veggies are expected in on Friday as  well.

The staff still have ongoing need for volunteers to assist in the yard, especially  with watering, deadheading, assisting with mulch, and with small yard projects.

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