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Growing Dwarf Trees for Containers

2016/8/8 17:52:01
If you live in an apartment and crave to see greenery around you, dwarf tress are the best solution. They need little maintenance and make a home look cozy and beautiful.

All luxurious homes need not necessarily have a yard. People who are fond of gardening find it quite difficult to maintain their hobby. To give your apartment a lively, fresh look, and to make the turn the atmosphere into a healthy one, you can plant some dwarf trees, using containers. There are many varieties of dwarf trees that are not just for show, but also bear fruit. Another advantage of growing these is that they grow only to a certain height, so they do not need constant pruning.

These miniature trees can be grown in a balcony, patio, or porch. One important thing that should be taken care of while choosing a container for dwarf trees, is that the container should be big enough to accommodate the plant as well as its roots. The soil is very important for the plant's growth, where the best option is to buy it from the nursery itself.

Beautiful Dwarf Tree Options

Dwarf Conifer: Dwarf conifers are evergreen plants and are one of the best choices for patio trees. They are called dwarf not because of their height, but because of their slow growth. These plants grow between 1-6-feet tall in ten years. These plants need adequate sunlight and slightly acidic soil. However, if your region does not provide these conditions, there are other varieties of dwarf conifers that can survive in the shade, like Taxus and Chamaecyparis.

Acer Palmatum: The Japanese maple tree is also known as Acer Palmatum. This dwarf tree needs proper care. You will have to prune it acer palmatum from time to time. These plants need partial shade in the summer and sunny climate, otherwise. They also need to be protected from the wind.

Pocomoke Crape Myrtle: Pocomoke is a dwarf variety of Crape Myrtle. This shrub has bright pink blooms and dark-green, oval-shaped leaves. Just like Acer Palmatum, these plants have to be kept in partial sunlight in the summer and full sunlight during other seasons. These shrubs grow only two-feet tall and need little maintenance.

Dwarf Cherry: Dwarf cherry trees can be easily grown in pots if you prune them regularly. Cherry trees need full sunlight and well-drained soil. They have a lifespan of around thirty years, where the first bloom appears when the plant is two years old.

Apple Tree: The apple tree is another option for dwarf trees. The most important thing is to look for P22, M27, and M26 rootstocks, since these are real dwarf apple trees. This tree will bear apples between the months of October to December. Frequent watering, along with regular pruning, is necessary for these trees.

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