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Window Treatment Ideas For Kids Rooms

2016/8/6 17:06:26
Various options are available for window treatments for your child’s room including custom options such as specialty sport logos or designs suited to their individual personalities. If you’ve been thinking about redecorating your child’s room and have gotten a little stuck on what to do with the window treatments, there are many options.

Blinds, curtains, shades and other treatments are not always expensive to install, but there are many things to consider before making your selection, including lighting issues, the age of your child, and the location of the room.

A child's room is no place for swooping draperies or dangling cords. For starters, those kinds of things are dangerous for little ones because of choking hazards and suffocation. On the other hand, you do want to provide for light control so children can nap during the day and have privacy at night. One excellent option is wood shutters. These shutters are elegant and easy to clean, which is important for a kids room. But often wood shutters don’t quite block out all the sunlight, so you’ll probably want to consider also installing Roman Shades for additional privacy and blockage.

Gathered Roman shades do not have to be expensive or even fancy, in fact you can buy your own fabric and often make them yourself even if you are no whiz on the sewing machine. Fabrics for kids rooms, by the way, should not only be chosen to match the décor, but, think about their growth. You wouldn’t want to choose a Sponge Bob character pattern for the material to match that bedspread if you think they might outgrow the look in a year or so. Choose patterns that are neutral in design, meaning could be interchanged with new bedspreads and pillowcases down the road.

Do you have teenagers at home? Perhaps you might want to consider pull down shades that feature specific designs on them, something that speaks to the kids’ personality. There are many companies out there that manufacturer pull specialty stickers featuring college logos and major league baseball logos, for example. If your son or daughter is a player, a fan, a student at a particular college they might like to see their favorite team or college logo on their windows. It’s a great way to show their support and they look pretty cool, too.

Thinking Green is good. Bamboo is one of the hot construction materials for those interested in sustainable core products for their home. Bamboo roller shades are available in colors as well as natural and dramatic tortoiseshell (gold and dark brown) hues, but even the simplest white cloth or vinyl roller shades can be ornamental with a variety of decorative treatments. A roller shade on top with simple café-length curtains below is perhaps the easiest and most economical solution; cotton-poly blend curtains are widely available in a great range of colors and patterns and are very easy to care for.

By the way measuring windows for blinds, curtains or shades is not always a straightforward deal. There are some very specific steps involved depending on the type of window treatments you are considering. When fitting a window with blinds or curtains, it's critical to get the correct measurements. So, before purchasing any window treatments, perhaps draw a map of your window or windows on paper. Then, measure your window or windows accordingly and write down the measurements that correspond to your drawing. Take it with you when shopping for curtains and blinds or when meeting with a decorator or seamstress to ensure you get the right fit for your windows.

If you are ordering your blinds or shades from a retailer, such as Home Depot or Lowes, you should take full advantage of their in-home installation and measuring services. Using an online store may save you money on your blinds or shades and many have measuring services and installation available. You’ll have to pay a little for those services, but it could be worth it in the long run because if the fit of your new blinds or shades is not exactly right they will take care of it for you.

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