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Container Garden: Happy Gardening

Melissa simply enjoys growing her own small tomato house. She loves growing a rather cheerful profusion of flowers in various containers. Yes, she loves placing them at the deck, patio or even at her kitchen window sill to add warmth and color to her interiors. Quite like Melissa, many urban gardeners have also carried the traditional ideas of home gardening to a whole new level with this new age concept of container garden.

Gardening doesn抰 need to be restricted only at the backyard, instead with a nicely crafted potted garden, now you can turn your patio, deck, rooftop and even your window sills into lush and sweet smelling Eden. It doesn抰 really matter if you have little space or a lot of free space, the idea of growing plants in different containers stands as an incredible way of creating a warm and relaxing interior, an inviting outdoor and an extended living space to add wing to your outdoor innovations and gardening ideas. Of course, you are now free to utilize your roof top, your patio, your terrace and even your kitchen window sill to create your own home garden of potted plants.

For those who lacks time or those with backache or physical incapability container garden stands as an easy idea of gardening without the hassles of traditional horticulture.

Create your own container garden ?A quick guide

Take it in writing, growing plants in container demand more attention than those, which are typically grown in the ground. This is particularly because the plants, which are grown in the confined space inside a container, to a great extent, rely on the gardener (on you) for all their growing needs. Although it抯 not robust science, yet you need to remember certain essential aspects when trying to grow your own small tomato house or trying to get creative with your indoor gardening ideas.

You need:

  • Well drained soil

  • Right amount of supplemental fertilizer

  • Adequate amount of water

  • Just the right amount of light

  • Sheer protection from extreme hot or cold temperature

Use nutrient rich and well-drained soil mix for your pot garden. It is better to rely on a commercial potting mix with consistent drainage for growing plants. Make sure the pot is weed and pest free. To be honest, gardening in container is definitely not something very intricate or complicated. All you need to do is to plan beforehand and then start by using the right type of containers for the plants that you wish to grow. There is practically no dearth of ideas when it comes to the point of selecting the appropriate container and you can actually choose almost any pot, ranging from the huge clay pots to lightweight ones, from the window boxes, to the wine barrels to create your own pot garden wherever you like.

Regular water and fertilize your pot garden to yield maximum result. Try to make it a habit and include this in your regular gardening regime. Assess the soil condition well before watering your plants. Put your forefinger in the soil and if you feel that the soil has dried, water immediately.

Feed your plants well. Try feeding your potted plants with liquid fertilizer solution, at least once every three weeks.

Happy gardening!

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