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Basil herb plants indoors

i have been growing Basil from seeds & they were doing great, but lately the bottom of most of the shoots is turning hard & brown, the leaves are still growing off the ends, but about 1/2 way up the shoot it is all hard & brown.  i have not done anything to the plants at all. should i be cutting them back. i also have not taken much of the basil off to use.  thanks ! June

Basil hates to be grown indoors. At this time of year the plant will become woody and turn brown. If you prune about 1/3 of the new growth off each branch, it will stimulate the plant to produce more. It also should be receiving 16 hours of sunlight and have heat around 70 or more. Keep moist, but not soggy. Heat and light is the key to keep basil growing indoors.


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