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Cistus albidus

Rock rose (Cistus albidus) Genus:  Cistus This is an evergreen, bushy shrub native to southwestern Europe and North Africa. Rock roses are useful in a shrub border, on a hillside, or in containers. Cistus albidus bears vibrant lilac-pink flowers in summer. Although each flower lasts only one day, they are produced in great numbers on plants that are 3 feet tall and wide. Noteworthy Characteristics:  Dense, bushy growth habit and dark lilac-pink flowers with yellow centers. Each bloom lasts only a day. Plants are often short-lived. Care:  Well-drained soil in full sun, in soil of poor to moderate fertility. Plant in a sheltered site after danger of hard frosts has passed. Pinch back young plants. Old plants are best replaced when they get leggy. Propagation:  Sow seed in a cold frame in containers when ripe or in spring. Root cuttings in summer. Problems:  Infrequent.


Height 1 ft. to 3 ft. Spread 1 ft. to 3 ft. Growth Pace Moderate Grower Light Full Sun Only Moisture Medium Moisture Maintenance Moderate Characteristics Showy Flowers Bloom Time Summer Flower Color Pink, Purple Uses Beds and Borders, Container, Ground Covers, Slopes and Hillsides Seasonal Interest Summer Interest Type Shrubs

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