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The Aeroponic System For You

If you are a new indoor gardener or a long-time horticulturalist, you will find that aeroponics is a type of indoor, soilless gardening similar to hydroponics that is gaining in popularity. Aeroponics systems allow gardeners to grow plants where the soil is poor or nonexistent, and the plants grow in air rather than soil. For those in the nursery trade, an aeroponic system or aeroponic cloner can help you quickly start cuttings from all manner of established plants, which can then be transplanted and grown on for resale. For their convenience of use and speed in producing healthy and large plants, gardeners turn to aeroponics systems for their indoor gardening setup.

To get started with soilless indoor gardening, you might want to start with hydroponic grow kits. Hydroponic grow kits offer all of the pieces and parts of a complete growing system so that you can easily begin the process of growing your own food or flowers indoors. Hydroponics uses a soilless growing medium in which the roots of the plant are grown. It might be coir or other types of medium, and a reservoir system is put in place under the medium holding the roots. In this reservoir system is placed a solution of water and nutrient, which is a soluble plant food that hydroponically grown plants require for food.

An aeroponic system allows the roots of the plants to be grown in the air. This is accomplished by suspending the crown of the plant in some kind of a holder, such as a net, which is placed in an open-bottomed tray. In this way, the roots are exposed to the air. Normally, a plant would receive water and food through the roots via the soil, but in an aeroponic system a misting device is used to spray water and nutrient onto the plants' roots. Because the roots of plants in an aeroponic system are suspended in the air, the roots are exposed to a great deal of oxygen, and this is one big reason why aeroponically grown plants grow very quickly and reach substantial sizes.

There are several quality brands of aeroponics systems available. Lines such as AeroFlo, American Agritech and Rainforest all offer top quality aeroponics systems suitable for home or commercial gardeners. These systems are flexible enough to allow you to grow dozens of plants in a small area, and they create lush foliage, flowers, fruits and vegetables in a short amount of time. You will find an aeroponic system, hydroponic grow kits and an aeroponic cloner at better online discount gardening supplier websites.

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