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Where Can You Shop for Japanese Gardening Tools?

Japanese gardening is very different from regular gardening and with it you can create some beautiful plants and products.

Just remember that if you want to get into Japanese gardening you are going to need to get entirely new tools, because your basic tools are simply not going to cut it here. there are not too many tools that you will need to buy, but you should also do some research on Japanese gardening to learn more about what it involves before trying to take on the task yourself.

Anyone who is interested in Japanese gardening tools is going to need to know where they can go to find such tools. There are only certain retailers who offer these Japanese gardening tools after all, and those that are going to be most worth checking out will be discussed here in more detail.

Stone Lantern

The Stone Lantern is definitely one of the best places that you can go for Japanese gardening tools. Not only do they offer a vast and comprehensive selection of Japanese gardening tools to choose from, but their prices are very competitive as well.

They also feature an array of Japanese books and journals that you might want to peruse through and which offer valuable advice on the art of Japanese gardening. They also offer ergonomic gardening tools that you may want to consider, and which are important because they will not hurt your hands when you are using them.

Dieter Schmid

Another company worth checking out for Japanese gardening tools is Dieter Schmid. They feature Japanese pruning shears, bonsai shears, Ikebana shears, hedge shears, knob cutters, garden choppers, leather sheaths for gardening tools, and much more.


Regardless of where you opt to shop for your Japanese tools, the most important thing is that you take the time to perform proper maintenance on them. Only by taking proper care of your tools will you be able to keep them in good condition and last you for years.

Traditional Japanese tools are not stainless and yet it still only requires a little care to keep them from getting rusty. Just make sure that you dry them after each use, and from time to time you are going to need to sharpen them as well. No blade will remain sharp forever, and the best tool to use to sharpen these tools is going to be Japanese waterstones.

With a little time and effort you will be able to find all the tools you need for your Japanese gardening and for a great price to boot.

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