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need a screen for hot location

QuestionHi! I live in southwestern North Dakota, zone 4, its much drier here than the eastern part of the state. Id like a tall plant screen for my front door area which faces west and gets very hot in summer

container planting on small deck

QuestionHi Rick I have a home in Massachusetts. There is sun all day on my deck. I have 2 questions. What plants can tolerate the sun in containers and also I have a neighbors deck that is not too

balcony plants

QuestionHello, Last year I grew some (pole bean) plants with blue flowers that grew up string.I dont think they did as well as they should have.It may be that it was too sunny or maybe the soil was prepared wrong.I

shrubs for containers

QuestionIm in the process of putting together a roof deck garden, all in containers. Through research Ive found quite a few perennials and smaller shrubs that respond well to container planting in dry, fully-e

HiIam a friend and workmate...

QuestionHi Iam a friend and workmate of Rob Burley in Australia so he gave me this address to ask you a Question.I live in Melbourne which has a temprate climate and I have a lime tree in a container, last year it f

Windowbox Flowers

QuestionHi, Rick. I am not a very good gardener, but Im trying. My husband made windowboxes for me, and Im trying to figure out what flowers to plant in there for the spring/summer. We live in the Midwest.

Mexican Heather

QuestionMy friend was given two small Mexican Heather plants as a gift. She is going to repot them to larger containers and keep them on her porch. We would like to know the instructions for proper care

Rhododenrons in tiubs?

QuestionWeve given up hope of ever having rhododendrons grow in our yard as the deer destroy them. Is it possible to grow them in a large tub/barrel/container on the deck? My wife loves these shrubs but clearl

pot/container question

QuestionHello, I just purchased two pots/containers made out of what I believe is pumice stone. A planting hole has been carved out of the stone, with a drain hole at the bottom. Should I be concerned about plantin

indoor basil

QuestionGood Afternoon, Baker, I live in zone 7 and my question regards basil planted indoors. I planted some last year indoors and the basil has grown well. Various books indica


QuestionI just got a small, countertop sprouter and our first crop of alfalfa sprouts is just ready to harvest...it seems to be working out well. I would like to continue growing sprouts, to add to our diet for the


QuestionWhat is the best type of soil to use w/Brugs, and can I put these in the ground w/humus, dried manure/compost and peat? Can I use this same mixture if I use a container rather than potting soil? Is Pet

Holly bushes

QuestionI have two holly bushes, blue prince and blue princess, that I have planted in large containers on my balcony. My balcony faces SW. My problem is, Im not sure how to care for them. I live in Lond

Leaf Burn

QuestionIve recently planted an Acer (smallish, copper coloured) in my front garden but its already suffering from leaf burn. Ive been told I should move it to where it wont get the morning sunshine as, with dew on

Hypericum Kalmianum - Kalm St. Johnswort

QuestionHello, I bought a Hypericum Kalmianum about a week ago from a local nursery. It had bright yellow flowers and the buds were yellow as well. A week later about half the leaves are yellow and the

Grapes in pots?

QuestionI have three Pink Reliance grape vines. I built a trellis on my deck and would like to grow the grapes in pots. Can that be done? Also, I have a book that gives different advice on pruning

Clay Pots

QuestionGreetings, I am using clay pots for the first time to start some herbs and miniture rose varieties which have just begun to sprout, theyre barely out of the soil and the clay pots are getting mold growth on

bougainvillea in container?

Questionhey bakerplanter -- i live in Los Angeles San Fernando Valley (USDA Zone 9) and want to grow a bougainvillea onto a west exposed wall. Its on a sidewalk, so I cant plant it in the ground. i know bougies lik

patio garden

QuestionHello there! I am writing today to ask you about my patio that i am anxious to start getting ideas for once spring rolls around. last year i noticed how hot it got with the midday sun and a bit of evening th

Red Powder-Puff Tree

QuestionI purchsed this plant(Red Powder Puff Tree) and was told it will grow indoors as well as out doors. I have a 8 stem and no leaves or no branches (there are several/bundle of roots). I planted it in a 4x3 pot

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