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How to Make Petunias Last

Overview Petunias are hardy annuals, favorites of gardeners for their long blooming season, beautiful colors and ease of growing. Whether in containers, growing along borders or weaving around rock ga

How to Care for Petunias in Bloom

Overview The petunia is a flowering annual with hundreds of varieties from which to choose. There are two main classes of petunias: Grandiflora and multiflora. If you are looking for a petunia to plan

How to Transplant Mexican Petunia Plants

Overview Mexican petunia plants are perennials that grow in USDA hardiness zones 7 to 9. They come in several varieties with either pink or purple flowers. Mexican petunias are resilient plants that c

How to Root Perennial Petunias

Overview Petunias grow as either perennials or annuals, depending on their growing site and care. Plants grown in optimal conditions will flourish the following year and will not die off. Being one of

How to Store Petunia Seeds for Best Viability

Overview The vibrancy and beauty of petunias stand out as a staple of summer. Sure to brighten any garden, petunias can be grown in the ground, containers or hanging baskets. The nice thing about petu

How to Start Wave Petunias From Seed

Overview Although petunias come in hundreds of sizes, varieties and colors, show-stopping wave, or spreading, petunias are among the flashiest of all with big, showy blooms. Once theyre planted, wave

How to Collect Petunia Seeds

Overview Petunias come in many varieties, single blooms and double blooms, with ruffled petals or plain. Collecting and saving seeds from petunias allows you to grow your favorite varieties each year

How to Get Trailing Petunia Seeds From the Plants

Overview Trailing petunias are compact, rambunctious plants that work well as a ground cover, or in a hanging basket, where the colorful miniature blooms will cascade gracefully over the side of the c

How to Care For Hanging Petunia Baskets

Provide proper care for hanging petunia baskets to keep them beau

How to Care for Petunia

Petunias will bloom all season long.

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