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What Flowers to Put in My Planter Box

Container gardening is a great way to feature flowers on steps, window boxes, or in planters. Planter box flowers ca

The Best Hanging Plants for Covered Porches

Hanging baskets need to display plants that can live being root-bound in containers, instead of plants allowed to ha

Blooming Shade Plants

Shade-loving plants that bloom are much desired. Many gardeners have hosta and ferns in their shade locations, but n

The Best Flowers for Flower Boxes

Flowers for flower boxes can be tall or short, trailing or contained, annuals or perennials. The best flower-box flo

What Plants or Shrubs Are Good in Shady Areas?

Under a heavy tree canopy and beside tall fences and buildings there can be shady areas that still need a little gar

List of Small Flowering Plants

There are many reasons you may want to find small flowering plants. They do well in planters to fill in between tall

How to Grow a Periwinkle Blue Centaura Flower

Overview The periwinkle blue centaura flower (Centaurea cyanis) is also commonly known as blue bachelors button, basket flower and cornflower. It is one of the most beloved annual flowers and has been

Periwinkle Flower Diseases

Periwinkles are an extremely popular bedding flower because of their wide range of arresting colors and their heat-

List of Tropical Plants

Tropical plants are lush and exotic and usually have thick, waxy leaves. When we think of tropical plants we tend t

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