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How to Pollinate a Pear Tree

Overview To ensure a good fruit crop on pear trees, the blossoms need to be pollinated. This fertilizes the flowers, allowing the fruit to grow. Pear trees, in particular, have specific requirements a

Ornamental Pear Tree Diseases

Both bacterial and fungal diseases can affect ornamental pear trees, causing deformed leaves and blossoms or the die

How to Care for Newly Planted Apple & Pear Trees

Overview Apples can be grown in many parts of the country and vary in size of fruit, taste, color and ripening time. Pears could be as plentiful as apples, except for the fact that they suffer from a

How to Start a Pear Tree Seed Plant

Overview Growing a pear tree from a seed is relatively easy--but be aware that any tree grown from a seed will not necessarily produce the same great tasting fruit as the parent tree. This is because

How to Trim Bradford Pear Trees

Overview With their striking white spring blossoms, Bradford pear trees can be a captivating sight in many neighborhoods across the United States. The trees lack destructive root properties that can l

How to Plant a Pear Tree in the Summer

Overview You can grow pear trees in areas that receive at least 175 days of frost-free weather. They need a cold winter, but other than that, they are very easy trees to grow. They are deep rooted and

How to Revive an Old Pear Tree

Overview If your pear tree stops bearing fruit, or if you move to a location with a non-bearing pear tree, there are steps you can take to encourage the tree to be fruitful again. Evaluate the tree to

How to Harvest Pears From a Pear Tree

Overview The process of harvesting many fruits involves waiting for them to ripen on the tree. This is not the case with pears. If pears are allowed to ripen on the tree, their flesh can become gritty

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