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How to Propagate Marigold Seeds

Overview Marigolds (Tagetes spp) are a group of annual flowers that are grouped into three categories: African marigolds (Tagetes erecta), French marigolds (Tagetes patula) and triploid marigolds. Bot

Starting Marigold Seeds Indoors

Overview Marigolds can make colorful additions to any flower bed or garden. They even fare well as potted plants. To get the longest growing season from your marigolds, start the seeds indoors before

How to Use Marigolds in the Garden to Repel Deer

Overview Deer dislike some plants, specifically plants with a strong fragrance, such as marigolds. In general, marigolds experience little deer damage compared to other plants in the garden. However,

What Plants Go Good With Marigolds in Pots?

Perhaps the most popularly grown annual flower, marigolds (Tagates spp.) come in varieties from 6 inches up to 4 fee

How to Help Marigolds Compensate for Root Rot

Overview Marigolds thrive in full sun. They require well-drained soil and can suffer root rot when grown in wet soil or when over-irrigated. Marigolds with root rot can exhibit visible symptoms includ

How to Grow Marigolds Indoors

Marigolds in the garden.

Marigold Fast Facts

Marigold Fast Facts

Marigold Plant Information

Overview Cheerful and easy to grow, marigolds are a popular annual for pots, borders and window boxes. Planted as a companion to more vulnerable flowers and vege

Marigold Flower Facts

Overview Marigolds are part of the combined aster/daisy family (Asteraceae/Compositae) and are botanically named Tagetes spp. They are a fast-growing annual and

Facts About the Dwarf Marigold Flower

Overview The aromatic marigold is a favorite summer annual for sunny spots. Marigolds are appreciated for their non-stop bloom from early summer until late fall.

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