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How to Care for Larkspur

Overview Include larkspur in your flower garden and the tall, stately spikes will produce blooms in shades of purple, blue, rose, pink and white all summer long. Most strains are tall enough to be a b

Information About Larkspur Flowers

Overview Larkspurs are annuals, meaning they have a life span of 1 year and new plants are grown each year from seeds. They are wildflowers and members of the De

Outside Summer Flowers That Are Easy to Care for

Many starting gardeners want the beauty of a garden without the fuss of tending to one. Easy-to-care-for flowers and

Top 10 Flowers

In the United States, California helps supply 26 percent of the cut flowers sold. With approximately 275 cut flower

List of Perennial Plants

Perennial plants are plants that live more than two years and will grow during the summer months, but will die out a

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