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Plants That Stay Green During the Winter

Plants that remain green through winter provide a rich visual element in the bleak shades-of-gray landscape. Dense g

Plants That Work With Hydrangeas

With their big, round flowers, in soft, romantic shades, hydrangea bushes make a wonderful companion for both evergr

How to Prune Holly Hedges

Overview Hollies make for excellent hedges, due to their dense foliage and usually evergreen nature. Many different varieties of holly shrub exist, some requiring formal shaping and some only thinning

Low Maintenance Shrubs and Hillside Landscaping Ideas

Hillside landscapes look stunning when alive with color. Plant your favorite flowers and shrubs to bring bursts of b

How to Prune Ilex Glabra

Overview An amazingly adaptable shrub for a wide array of growing conditions, the inkberry (Ilex glabra) can be grown and pruned much like boxwood. Having dark green leaves that may blush purplish in

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