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How to Save a Dying Nellie Stevens Holly Tree

Overview Nellie Stevens Holly Trees can be easily manipulated into the desired shape. They are usually planted to form a living privacy wall but can also be allowed to grow in a natural pyramidal form

How to Identify a Holly Tree

Overview The American holly tree (Ilex opaca) is an evergreen species renowned for its leaves and berries, which often wind up in Christmas decorations. The holly tree is native to the United States,

How to Transplant a Holly Tree

Overview Renowned for their deep-red berries and shiny dark green foliage, Holly trees provide beautiful accent pieces both indoors and outside, sprucing up an area with their yearlong color. Landscap

How to Care for a Burford Holly Tree

Overview Originating from Asia, the Burford holly tree (Ilex cornuta Burfordii) can reach a height of 10 to 25 feet and a spread of 15 to 25 feet at maturity. The tree has dense foliage and a rounded

Characteristics of a Holly Tree

Holly may remind you of the holiday season. You see it in wreaths hung on decorated doors, in displays around the fi

How Can I Plant a Dwarf Holly Tree in a Planter?

Overview Holly is almost always associated with Christmas with its spiky green leaves and red berries, but not all holly trees are alike. There are over 400 varieties of holly, some with yellow, red o

How to Care for a Holly Tree in Kentucky

Overview The holly tree is a deciduous tree that can grow up to 60 feet tall. Its dense growth and spiny evergreen leaves make it an ideal candidate for a windbreak or privacy screen. Additionally,

How to Transplant a 3-Foot Holly Tree

Overview Holly trees are known for their spiny evergreen leaves and vivid red berries, popular especially during the Christmas season. These trees add beauty to any landscape and provide fruits for wi

How to Save a Wilting Nellie Stevens Holly Tree

Overview Nellie R. Stevens holly is a cultivar of the Ilex species noted for its unusually high tolerance among hollies for warm weather and humid conditions, according to Texas A & M University.

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