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How to Collect Seeds from Annual Hibiscuses

2016/8/6 15:35:36


Annual hibiscus flowers differ from their perennial cousins in that they will only last for one year before they die back. However, many annual hibiscus, like Sunset hibiscus, are beautiful plants to fill your garden with. While annual hibiscus might not survive the winter, most varieties will reseed quite readily. However, if you would like to ensure the survival of annual hibiscus in your garden next year, you can always start collecting annual hibiscus seeds yourself.

Step 1

Allow the annual hibiscus to flower. Once the flowers are spent they will form the seedpod. Leave the annual hibiscus flowers on the plant as this process takes place. It will take about two months for the seedpod to form fully from the spent flowers.

Step 2

Remove the mature seedpods from the annual hibiscus once they are brown and dry. Snap them off at the base of the seedpod. Place the annual hibiscus seedpods in the small paper bag.

Step 3

Remove the annual hibiscus seeds from the seedpods by opening the pod with your fingers and shelling out the seeds.

Step 4

Place the annual hibiscus seeds into a paper envelope and label it.

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