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How to Prune May Hawthorn

Overview May hawthorn is a spiny tree found in the outer coastal plains of North Carolina. Used to stabilize riverbanks, it also provides shelter and nesting sites for birds and rodents. May hawthorn

How to Prune Pear Hawthorn

Overview Pear hawthorn is a small tree found in Ontario and south into Minnesota. Used for erosion control along banks, it also creates cover for small birds and rodents. Pear hawthorn can grow up to

How to Prune Fireberry Hawthorn

Overview Fireberry hawthorns, crataegus chrysocarpa, are attractive shrubs or small trees that tolerate a wide range of soil types and will grow happily under other, larger trees, making them excellen

Good Plants for Water Features

Water features improve the landscaping of homes in the form of ponds, fountains, waterfalls and birdbaths. Adding pl

Plants That Live in the Tropical Area

Tropical plants are beautiful and full of vibrant colors. Plants that grow in the tropics usually grow rapidly and s

How to Grow Hawthorn Hedges

Overview Hawthorns (Crataegus monogyna) are deciduous shrub-like trees that make formal-looking, five- to 10-foot-tall hedges. Hawthorn trees have small, glossy green leaves, with fragrant white flowe

How to Kill Hawthorne Stumps

Overview You cut down an undesired hawthorn (Rhaphiolepis spp.) shrub or tree (Crataegus spp.), only to find the stump is still alive, sending up annoying sprigs of stems. Killing the small stump by d

How to Trim Hawthorn Shrubs

Overview Hawthorn, known botanically as Crataegus, is a genus of flowering and fruiting deciduous shrubs and small trees belonging to the rose family. Hawthorn grows widely in USDA zones 4 through 8a

How to Grow Hawthorne Tree

Russian hawthorn berries

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