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How to Treat Scales on Plants

Overview A scale outbreak can be triggered by garden stress caused by over or under watering, the overuse of nitrogen fertilizer or the use of pesticides that rid the area of natural insect predators

The Best Outdoor Plants for Zone 6

Hardiness zones are defined areas that specify the likelihood of certain plants growing well. The USDA hardiness pla

Plants That Do Well With Little Water

Plants that do well with little water are known as drought-tolerant. These are plants that can go 2-3 months without

Rain Garden Plants for Illinois

Rain gardens are a low area of a garden where runoff water is collected and slowly allowed to seep into the ground r

List of Common Perennial Flowers

Perennial flowers live for several years when grown in the right conditions. In cold climates during the winter, per

Plants That Complement Lavender

The relaxing scent of lavender makes it a popular addition to the home garden. The flower spikes attract bees and bu

Perennial Plants That Flower in July and August

Perennial plants are those that live for a long period and flower each year. Though most perennials blossom in the s

List of Endangered Plants

Plants can be endangered when they are threatened with extinction. Many times their natural habitat is stripped for

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