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How to Keep Gardenia Flowers Fresh

Overview Gardenia flowers possess a distinct, sweet, heavy scent used to provide fragrance to perfumes, candles and scented oils. The flower is fragile and will quickly brown and bruise if roughly han

How to Care for a Gardenia Flower Arrangement

Overview Indulge in the sweet scent of the gardenia flower, a large white blossom nestled in dark green, glossy foliage. The flowers smell and appearance makes it popular in both floral arrangements a

How to Care for a Flowering Gardenia Plant

Overview Flowering gardenia, also known as cape jasmine, is a perennial shrub commonly grown for its large, ornamental flowers, enticing fragrance and glossy foliage. The plant blooms during late spri

About Gardenias

Overview G

How to Care for a Gardenia Plant

How to Care for a Gardenia Plant

How to Prune Gardenias

A gardenia blossom

How to Care for Gardenia Plants

August Beauty Gardenia

How to Winterize Gardenias

August beauty gardenia.

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