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How to Prune Northern Bayberry

Overview The northern bayberry is quite an interesting shrub. It is considered a deciduous to semi-evergreen plant. The bayberrys average height without pruning is 8 feet. What makes this medium shrub

Types of Plants That Grow in the Winter

While most plants go dormant in cold weather, some varieties continue to grow and even bloom during the winter month

How to Prune California Wax Myrtle

Overview California wax myrtle, known botanically as Morella californica, is a species of evergreen perennial shrub or small tree that belongs to the bayberry family. It flowers by producing catkins f

How to Plant Bayberry

Overview Bayberry is amedium to large evergreen shrub native to North America. It is dioecious--producing both female and male plants and needing both to produce berries. Its ripe berries are covered

Outdoor Plants That Live All Year Round

While all outdoor perennial plants--those that live three or more growing seasons--live year round, many are deciduo

How to Identify an Evergreen Shrub Leaf

Overview While many species of shrubs are deciduous, which means that their leaves fall off every year, some are evergreen, retaining their leaves year-round. In the majority of instances, by identify

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