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Mexican Aster Fast Facts

Overview Mexican aster (Cosmos bipinnatus) likes full sun and tolerates dry, porous soil. This annual flower grows 48 inches high and spreads up to 24 inches wid

Types of Fall Blooming Flowers

Many blooming perennials fade by autumn, which leaves flower gardens looking colorless and bleak. Luckily, some fall

List of Garden Flowers

While there are over 250,000 species of flowering plants (angiosperms that produce flowers, fruits and seeds), there

Plants That Grow From Seeds

Plants and flowers that are grown from seed can make it easy to enjoy several new plants from one old plant. There i

List of Flowering Evergreens

Evergreens are plants that gradually replenish their leaves. Unlike evergreens, deciduous plants can be totally leaf

Types of Fall Flowers

Fall flowers are a colorful way to extend the life of gardens from the summer to the autumn months. Many fall flower

The Best Drought-Resistant Flowers

There are various plants capable of surviving periods of drought. Including these plants in a flowerbed adds a bit o

The Best Flowering Evergreens

Flowering evergreen plants are those that will not lose their leaves during their dormant phase and will produce blo

Birthday Flower Gifts

For every birthday, there is a special flower of celebration. There are 12 designated birthday flowers, one for each

Perennial Aster Flowers

The daisy-like blossoms of the aster led Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus to name the plant family after the Greek wor

Flowers Related to Asters

Asters belong to the Asteraceae family, which has 20,000 different species. All of the species have flowers with a

How to Care for Mexican Aster

Mexican aster flowers bloom in summer.

Easiest Flowers to Grow

The variety of flower seeds available online, in stores, and through catalogs can be overwhelming for a novice garde

Asters Fast Facts

Asters Fast Facts

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