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Grow an Indoor Vegetable Garden

Grow an Indoor Vegetable GardenIf youre short on space or dont have an outdoor plot to call your own, you can grow an indoor vegetable garden. Some people believe growing vegetables indoors is a lot of work. Sure,

Indoor Herb Gardens

Indoor Herb GardensIndoor herb gardens allow you to enjoy fresh herbs year-round. Imagine snipping fresh sprigs of rosemary for your favorite savory dishes...and harvesting aromatic mint leaves to flavor teas -- right fr

House Plants that Clean the Air

House Plants that Clean the AirYouve probably heard about plants that clean the air, ridding our homes of indoor toxins. You always knew that your houseplants were good for you, right? Besides adding beauty

Christmas Plants and Flowersfor Your Home

Christmas Plants and Flowersfor Your HomeWant an easy way to decorate your home for the holidays? Set out a few Christmas plants and youll spread cheer to all who visit this season. AmaryllisBig, crimson trumpets of amar

Office Plants

Office PlantsWell-chosen office plants can instantly enhance your corner of the corporate world. Put a couple lush, leafy accents on your desk and youll create an instant gardenlike ambience. The natural beau

Indoor House Plants

Indoor House PlantsWhether you just want to understand your indoor house plants better, or youre looking for something new to grow, youll find lots of tips and inspiration right here. Fragrant Gardenia Plant for

Dwarf Fruit Trees

Dwarf Fruit TreesDwarf fruit trees are perhaps the most exotic plants you can grow indoors. Native to tropical regions around the world, their lush foliage, exotic flowers and edible fruits make captivating conversation

Indoor Trees

Indoor TreesMake a beautiful statement in any brightly lit room. Discover which indoor trees are easy to please and choose the best one for your home from this list. Ficus TreesFicus plants grow tall, filling vertical sp

Indoor Palm Trees

Indoor Palm TreesIndoor palm trees are slow-growing and stay smaller when grown in containers, making them ideal house plants. Most types of palm trees are native to tropical regions and grow best with indirect lig

Caring for Orchids

Caring for OrchidsOrchids have long had a reputation for being difficult. However, caring for orchids is not much different than other flowering house plants. You just have to get to know them. May I introduce you

Hanging Basket Plants

Hanging Basket PlantsLooking for an easy way to add beautiful style around your home? Try hanging basket plants near windows, in a sunroom, or on your porch or patio. They lend a fresh burst of color just about anywhere.

Terrarium Plants

Terrarium PlantsIdeal terrarium plants are native to tropical habitats. Because of their love for high humidity, they are well-suited for the humid environment of a terrarium. Are there tropical plants youve always

Exotic House Plants

Exotic House PlantsWhat are exotic house plants? And where do they come from? Central and South American rain forests are overflowing with colorful and exotic treasures, comfortably coddled by the soothing warmth, h

Tropical House Plants

Tropical House PlantsIn a high-tech world, splashy and bold tropical house plants put us in touch with nature in a big way. Are they difficult to grow?Not really. Most common house plants originated in tropical or

Poisonous House Plants

Poisonous House Plants How to Know if a House Plant is Poisonous...or Just Plain Irritating Poisonous house plants should be handled with caution. Some can cause illness if eaten, and others can cause skin i

Unusual House Plants

Unusual House PlantsUnusual house plants remind us of the diversity of nature. Just think...these remarkable plants originate from the far reaches of the globe and can reside with us in our homes.Transplanted from

Common House Plants

Common House PlantsMost common house plants we know and grow are popular for two basic reasons. One, theyre attractive, and two, theyre easy to grow.So many plants fit this criteria, that its difficult to narrow this lis

Easy House Plants

Easy House Plants Even if you wouldnt know a Birds Nest Fern from a Fishtail Palm, these easy house plants will make your thumb green. Really. Are you looking for a happy-go-lucky house plant? One that

Flowering House Plants

Flowering House PlantsFrom bright, bold tropical flowers to cactus plants in bloom, flowering house plants are without a doubt some of the most attention-getting accents anywhere. Consider adding scented flowering

Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant Aphelandra squarrosa Zebra HousePlants (Aphelandra squarrosa) has spectacular foliage and exotic looking flowers. The nickname Zebra Plant comes from its large, dark green, shiny leaves that ha

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