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We Have Houseplants

We have just received a very nice selection of houseplants, including some large specimens like peace lilies, spider plants, philodendrons, pothos, wandering jew, etc. as well as many smaller potted plants.  Succ

Fall Workshop Schedule

September is here and it is time to consider heading to Urban Roots for a workshop or two. Please visit the website calendar for an up to date schedule of workshops and events. Beginning in September we will be

Vertical Gardening With a Wally…

Woolly pockets are a modular vertical planting system.  Here at Urban Roots, we first tried the "Wally" (woolly pocket on a wall) outdoors, full of colorful annuals and edibles.  Now we have a Wally

Houseplants: An Indoor Garden in Winter

A wide variety of plants that can grow and thrive in your home is available now at Urban Roots.  You'll find foliage and flowers, colorful blooms and lush greens, small trees and tiny cacti, hanging tendri

Gardeners' Give & Take Meets Again

On a frigid snowy Saturday morning, the gathering of gardeners' at Urban Roots talked over a number of interesting subjects.  We reviewed some experiences and observations from the last growing season, cons

Wooly Pockets for Indoor Gardening

Woolly pockets are a modular vertical planting system.  Here at Urban Roots, we first tried the "Wally" (woolly pocket on a wall) outdoors, full of colorful annuals and edibles.  Now we have a Wally i

From the potting bench…

Succulent gardens in bowl-shaped terra cotta pots make an interesting and unusual accent on your patio or porch, and come inside at the end of the season. These plants can thrive in a shallow planting as they

Houseplant Haven

Urban Roots is full of a spectacular collection of houseplants.  All sizes, shapes and colors!  Bloomers, unusual foliage plants, succulents and cacti, hanging plants and even small trees.  If you are an indoor

Houseplants 101 Workshop

Urban Roots invites you to join us this Sunday, January 20th at 12 noon for a Houseplants 101 workshop. David Clark will be presenting this workshop. David has been a presenter and educator for over 20 years, beg

Fairy Garden Fun

These cute little gardens can be fun for all ages and in all seasons, but especially at this time of year, when the cold winds blow outdoors and our perennials sleep beneath the soil.  Choose a container, fill i

Summer is here and flowers are blooming!

Here at Urban Roots our week has been full of plant deliveries. Both the yard and store are full of plants and a little bit of everything has come in just in time for summer and Garden Walk. Outsi

Houseplants to brighten the day

Flowering Euphorbia (crown of thorns) in a sunny window should be watered infrequently, just like a succulent. This time of year the cheery green of houseplants can brighten the day immensely. We have a se

Spring flowering plants

The shop is bursting with flowering lilies, hydrangeas, tulips and violets just time for Easter. We also have a large selection of ivies, begonias, and succulents to help fill your home with green and ward off t

Cast Iron Plant – Info

Q: I'm looking for more information on cast iron plants. My new home has some close to the house. It looks great and also hides that red clay stain on the brick foundation! Are these plants from a bulb? Can

Avocado – Sprouting

Avocados are plentiful in grocery stores. It's fun to sprout the seed for a bit of kitchen greenery. Since the seed is so large, the inevitable question is "Which end is planted facing up?" The

Houseplants – Light Levels Needed

Plants need strong light in order to grow well indoors. The level of light that you find comfortable in your home is not nearly what a plant needs to thrive. Try this test in the spots where indoor plants are gro

Christmas Cactus – HUGE!

My mom told me that you talked about Christmas cactus on the radio recently. She asked if I could take a picture of our family cactus and send it to you. It belonged to my mom's mother for years, we are u


When I answered a question about clivia on my radio show, a listener had mush to say on the subject. Read Mary's comments below: "Last Saturday a caller asked about a seed pod on her clivia. The seed

Houseplants – Cleaning and Propagating

Last week I covered pruning and providing moisture for houseplants. I also detailed how to care for a holiday poinsettia. This week, I'll describe how to clean leaves and propagate a couple of houseplants p

Houseplants – General Care

Outdoor gardeners sometimes feel a little lost during the winter. We wander outside, picking at the occasional sprig of chickweed and removing noticeably dead tree branches, but there is not much more to be done.

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