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Botanic Garden > Garden Articles > About Garden > 12 Holiday Gift Ideas – Now 50% Off Xmas Items

12 Holiday Gift Ideas – Now 50% Off Xmas Items

2016/8/15 16:11:28

 P105078912 – Stocking Stuffers – variety of items for the last minute shopper.

tools11 – Tools: put a fine garden tool under your tree, your gardener will really dig it!

Potlifter10 – Potlifter: an innovative gadget that might save your back – check this one out!P1050807 9 – Cosmix Spinners: and other unique hanging decorations for indoors and out.

P10507908 – Coir Mats: in several designs for wiping your feet in style!

WindChimes7 – Wind Chimes: let the cold winds blow, it will be music to your ears – in several styles and sizes.

P10508096 – Gift certificates: let your gardener decide how to spend their UR dollar.  Memberships make great gifts too!

 Books5 – Books: a great selection on just about any gardening topic you can think of – and still 15% off for member/owners!

Sallyeander4 – SallyeAnder Soaps: six kinds of soaps make great stocking stuffers, or beautiful gift baskets with soaps and more.

P10507983 – Bird Feeders and Hummingbird Feeders: in many shapes and sizes, with seed & nectar to complete the gift.

totes2 – Urban Roots Apparel: tees, sweatshirts, caps, tote bags – durable clothes with the UR flower logo.

P10508031 – Hardwood Potting Bench: beautiful and practical, a great work space for indoors or out that folds up for easy storage.

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